The Time Remaining (re-blog)

When 9/11 occured I remained in a state of awesome shock for nearly three months. While I didn’t know anyone directly connected to the event I was deeply moved and affected by the incredible good and evil occuring that day. From the “there is no humanity left in the world”  attacks to the faith restoring human compassion and heroism exhibited by others that day.

That year I spent a somber New Year’s Eve alone in my apartment digesting a simple dinner and capping it with a light cognac. Below is the inspiration that came to me  while I watched what was left of the year disintegrate around me. An understand that something needed to change: in me, in the world, and in the way we live.

I still struggle with change, but I’m doing my best. Ten years later I am a better person, but not the best person I can be.

There is *STILL* more work to be done.

(re-blogged as a personal memoriam)


In the time remaining we look back at the events of this year, and perhaps the last century. We are now truly moving into new and uncharted territory. The new year moves us squarely into the new century. There are no words to describe where we’ve come from, and there are fewer thoughts to describe where we’re headed.

Has everything gone wrong, or has everything gone right for you? The answers lie in the hearts and souls of each of us. Pushing through the curtain…past the edge of the tunnel.

In the time remaining I sit and wonder, not lament about choices I could have made, and choices that I will make. I am on the cusp, I feel that new discoveries will be made and new options will present themselves.

What will you do in the final hours? Is it the end or the beginning. Are you working hard at what will earn you your dream, or are you celebrating the events that will finally close a long chapter in your life?

In the time remaining we look up at the collapsing towers, to the falling memories of love ones, cherished times, and our failed attempts at peace, unity, and understanding. What will you do now? Will you help rebuild, or will you move into the next year with only a vague idea of what you want to do.

In the time remaining will you share, give, love and care, or will you steal, borrow, hate, and show indifference.

Seconds now until the new year is upon us…what will you do? Where will you go? Whom will you touch? How will you do it?

A dying moment left for you to decided what you do, in the time remaining…

Originally penned
December 31, 2001


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