Disney By Blog: The Buena Vista Social Cult

I can now officially say that I’m part of the Buena Vista Social Cult. You know. The cult of Disney. I’m certainly guilty of purchasing all the dresses and pixie wings that my daughter has “needed” over her 6 short years…

Now in the ultimate culmination of what they want us to do we’re going to Disney. Headiing out later this year but had to be booked many months in advance otherwise we’d not get a table at a hip $300 breakfast with the Princesses.

Yes that marketing machine that was borne out of Uncle Walt and imbued into our pop culture with the goal of strategically poisoning our children in a controlled manner over decades has brought us to this end game.

Me vs. the Dis.

Just the basic trip planning has been maddening…but thankfully my wife is the one who’s toughed it through all the Mickey Mouse blogs, and Ear Savers and Big Ear Chat pages to find out the best times to zig when everyone else is zagging…My love for her for simply taking on that challenge grows ever deeper…

The prep has been crossed, and now the adventure will begin. I’ll try to make a few Disney by Blog entries when we’re away!

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